Bullet Journal Weekly Set Up, Inspirations & Favorite Tools

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

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Midway through 2016 I decided that my Shinola of Detroit planner just wasn't going to cut it as my daily Bullet Journal (BuJo). It was a sad day because I had such high hopes for it but in the end the set up just didn't make sense and I didn't end up using it as much as I liked. 

I also have issues with having things to be perfect and seeing all these really beautiful Bullet Journal set ups on Instagram was inspiring but not realistic for me. I was the type of student that re-wrote all my notes when I got home and mistakes and things not being in line drives me nuts.  

The Leuchtturm1917 journal is quiet an investment and I needed to make sure that it was something I was going to actually use. I ended up using a $6 Barnes and Nobles Piccadilly Lined journal just to see if I should make the investment. The test was a success. I used up the whole journal in about 5 months. I did liked using the Piccadilly journal but it was lined and just a tad too small for some of the pages that I want in my "ideal" Bullet Journal. So in January of this year I got myself the Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover A5 dotted in Pink. 

Weekly Set Up 

This is my 3rd month into the journal and I was really good in February but I was in Indonesia for part of March so that month calendar is pretty empty since I have a travel journal. For April I am sticking to the weekly set up that worked really well for what I need. My daily logging and weekly events varies each week and I found that if I try to create boxes for the day it just waste too much space. I found that this set up where I have my week overview and appointments/events on the left hand side and daily rapid logging down the center works best. On the right side I also have my list of To-Dos that in the traditional Bullet Journal would be it's own page but I don't find that necessary. This set up also allows me to basically reduce my weekly set up to 8 pages. 

Bullet Journal, BUJO, bullet journal inspirations, bullet journal tools, BuJo inspirations, my bullet journal, bujo set ups, bullet journal set ups

This weekly set up was inspired by @bujo.auslife

This is a closer look of what the daily rapid logging would look like. This one is from February and each day when there's space I do log my breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Additional BuJo Inspirations 

Content Tracker Page - Lily Pebbles 
I use my Bullet Journal for pretty much everything in my life including blogging. I haven't been the most organized since I have about 57 drafts according to blogger so I'm trying here y'all.  I've tried many content tracker but this one seems to work the best for me.

Things I need to keep track of:
  • P- Photos 
  • T- Text (if I wrote the post) 
  • L- Links 
  • S- Schedule (if I've scheduled it or post it right away)
  • I- Instagram (since it's the only social media I use)

I love what Lily Pebbles did with hers and on her new one she actually combined her Blog & YouTube tracker which I thought was awesome.

Lily Pebbles Link- Bullet Journal: What & How?! (12:53 mark)

References/Projects/Context Pages - Jenn Rogers 
Jenn Rogers made these pages on her Bullet Journal which I'm sure a lot of people have on their set ups but I really liked the way she labeled/titled and keep track of the pages.

I've been using it mostly for lists and notes. For example, I have one for My Makeup Shades, Books TBR, Beauty Products Wish List, etc

I also use it for when I do product or book reviews or go to conferences and jot down notes. It's also good for long term projects.

One of the tricks I've learned is if you start a reference page on pg. 5 and then it'll continue on pg. 120, Jenn basically marks it on the pages so you don't have to go to the index and look it up if you are working on something which I thought was pretty nifty.

Jenn Rogers Links-  My Bullet Journal and My Bullet Journal Updates

BuJo Instagram Accounts:

Favorite Tools 

Bullet Journal, BUJO, bullet journal inspirations, bullet journal tools, BuJo inspirations, my bullet journal, bujo set ups, bullet journal set ups

  1. Zebra Highlighters Midliner (amazon) is a great dual-ended highlighter. I don't know why we don't have any fun highlighter options here in America. If you've seen grey highlighters on Instagram, Zebra makes them as well but the grey comes in a different pack and I wasn't a fan of the other colors. I got mine from seller - 100 Ways Ship From Japan on Amazon. I placed the order on February 15th it shipped a few days later but I just got it March 30th so if it's being shipped from Japan expect 6-8 weeks delivery time. 
  2. Pilot G-Tec-C 0.4mm (amazon) is my favorite pen of all time. I use it in college, I use it at work it's my go to pen for everything. Most of my pens are black but for my Bullet Journal since I don't decorate it having a few color options would be fun. 
  3. MUJI multi-color Ballpoint pen I got it in the store but you can buy it online. I have the older versionwhich can hold 3 pen refills. They now have a 3 colors + mechanical pencil which I will get the next time I'm in store. MUJI also carries a 6 Color Ballpoint Pen. You buy the transparent pen case for I believe $5 and the refills are $1 each. The ink color availability online is not that great. In store there's a lot more colors & different nib sizes. 
  4. Pilot Frixion Retractable Eraseable Gel Pens is a new favorite. I found out about it from my friend Saudia. I know it's been around in Indonesia for awhile but I didn't realized it was available in the U.S. It does work well but I've learned that if you erase the same spot a few times it does become patchy. The only problem I have with this pen is it's a 0.7mm and next time I will probably get the 0.5mm nib. 
  5. Ruler from Daiso that I picked up in Indonesia. I like that it's transparent and it's about the length of the journal which is nice when I'm making straight lines. 
  6. Scotch Expression Washi Tapes are the best washi tapes I've used. They actually stick to pages or walls or whatever surface you are trying to tape AND it actually lifts off clearly if I've made a mistake on the page. They are a little pricey compares to other washi tapes (stop buying the $1 ones) but you get a lot more and much better quality. They are available at Staples and Office Max/Depot. 
  7. Sakura Gelly Roll pens are just an all-around fun pens to have but these metallic ones are amazing. I like that they don't transfer so they work really well on coloring books as well. 

If you have a Bullet Journal Instagram account or writes about your experience or tips with Bullet Journal do let me know below. I love getting new inspirations. As always, thanks for reading!

Until next time,

PHS Philadelphia Flower Show 2017 - Holland: Flowering the World Experience

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) Philadelphia Flower Show is the largest and longest-running horticultural event. Each year the proceeds from the show support PHS efforts to transform lives and communities through horticulture and greening projects. This year's theme was "Holland: Flowering the World" to celebrate the beauty and ingenuity of Dutch culture, from vivid flower fields to innovative eco-design.

I had the opportunity to go to the show about halfway through the showing but ended up having to go on the last day due to the snow storms. This was my first year attending but my parents have a PHS membership and they go every year. My mom is an avid gardener so it's great to see the show but also walk around and meet other fellow gardeners and get tips from the markets.

Holland: Flowering the World 

PHS Philadelphia Flower Show, Flower Show, Holland: Flowering the World, Visit Philadelphia

The Floating Floral Canopy was  this year's entrance garden. As guests walk in to the exhibit hall we pass under a brick bridge inspired by Amsterdam surrounded by thousands of tulips. It is absolutely a show stopper. All the different colors you wouldn't think would work looks so pleasing. The words I kept hearing from the PHS staff and exhibitors is this idea of "controlled chaos"; all these beautiful vivid flowers just harmoniously existing in this space. 

Trying Out KIKO Products For The First Time & In-Store Experience

Saturday, March 11, 2017

For the first time this year I finally got to hang out with my best friend Saudia aka The Drowsy Reader. I was in Indonesia for almost a month so we were obviously very excited to hang out and catch up; but more importantly we may have turned our day trip to a Treat Yo' Self day.

I have been looking at KIKO products for awhile but there's no physical store in Philadelphia and I'm very weary of ordering things online because I have sensitive skin and I just want to make sure that any beauty or skin care products I buy are things I actually need and have a place in my collection.

We ended up at Woodbridge Mall in New Jersey which has a KIKO store and they just happened to have a sale going on. Before we get to the actual products I do want to talk about our In-Store Experience. We actually went to Sephora first because we both wanted to buy a couple of things and for some reason it was very difficult to get assistance even though there was only 3 other customers in the store.

When we walked into KIKO it was a completely different experience. There was a new trainee along with a more seasoned associate who basically told us that they were in the middle of moving products around and they have this huge sale going on and she was going to the storage area but if we had any questions to just call for help. I didn't end up getting a lot of things but they were still really nice and even gave each of us a free product.

The Products 


The first one that caught my eye was this set of Intense Colour Lip Kit in #10 Fairy Pink. I believe this was part of a holiday edition but it's still available online. Saudia physically blocked  me from buying anymore nude/light brown lipsticks so I went with a light pink which makes me feel very "spring-y". I'm not a lip liner person unless I really need it for red or purple lipsticks but this is a beautiful formula. It glides along really nicely and for a light color such as this tone of pink it's more about filling in the lips and making the actual color lasts longer on my lips rather than lining to avoid color bleed.


I really love the shade and formula but I have a love/hate relationship with the packaging. I noticed that KIKO likes these big packages. I don't know if it's strictly from the holiday line but I just think the packaging is unnecessarily big. In addition, the actual Lipstick container is too large to fit in my lipstick stand and it's also too big to fit in my MUJI drawers. The love part is the fact that the lipstick bullet is magnetic which is fantastic cause sometimes when I have lipsticks in my bag the cap would separate which causes a huge mess.

The second item I got was the Double Colour Eyeliner in #122. One side is a medium brown shade and the other side is a frosted vanilla color. I picked this up because I tend to use brown eye liners more than black ones and in a pinch I can use this to fix my brows and I can use the lighter shade to highlight around my brows and inner corners.


Here are the swatches for the eye liners, lip liner and lipstick. The eye liners are really long lasting and are actually pretty waterproof.  


The final item is the freebie which is their quick dry nail lacquer. We got two different shades but mine is 226 Rogue Noir which is this beautiful deep burgundy. The brush is thick and compact and is slightly smaller than the wet n' wild which is just the right size for my nails. The best part is that it only needed one coat of polish to get this really vibrant color.


Overall, I am super impressed by the store and the products. It was really great that I got to try these products that do truly work and have really good results during one of their sale period but the in-store experience is the one that pushes this over the edge and makes me want to go back and try out more products. As always thanks for reading!

Until next time,

Beauty on a Budget - PRIMARK's PS Flawless Finish (Oval) Contour Brush Review

Monday, February 13, 2017

I picked this up on my recent Primark Haul and I've been putting it to the test. The oval brush has been quite popular from the $55 Artis Brush to the hundreds of dupes floating around the internet. Since I don't have anything else to compare it with, my main goal while testing is whether an oval brush is something that adds value to my collection.

I actually came across this brush by accident while searching for Primark Cosmetics recommendation. I didn't end up purchasing any cosmetics at Primark because I couldn't handle the scent. The brushes however were very tempting. They all have these rose gold handles and it was very difficult to just pick one.

I have been looking at different oval brush options but I wasn't sure if I wanted to try one of the black handle oval brushes on Amazon/Ebay or from more familiar brands like EtudeHouse My Beauty Tool Secret Brush 121 or Missha Artistool Foundation Brush #101. In the end since I was at Primark and was able to get a feel of the brush (and it was only $4.50) I went ahead and got it.

If you are interested in obtaining the PS oval brush to compare to the Artis Brush I would say size wise it's the closest to Oval 6. On the Artis Brush website the Oval 6 is meant for "contouring" and "foundation in select areas" which is what this brush is good for.

The Application

To test the brush and coverage I tested it with different foundation base formulas from super sheer bb/cc creams to heavy duty foundation. I found that this is best with heavier foundation formula. I don't think this is something I would use with a sheer to light foundation or BB/CC cream.

The time it takes to blend is a little longer than using a beauty blender or a buffing brush. The surface area of this brush is really not that much  different compared to the Real Technique buffing brush. For some reason it feels like I'm applying more effort and it took me slightly longer to blend everything out.

I do feel that the finish of the heavier foundation is much better than using the buffing brush. Since the bristles are so much more compact it gave a flawless (and I mean FLAWLESS) finish. Especially around my nose and mouth where foundation tends to get bunched up but I didn't have that problem with the PS brush.

The only negative thing I have to say about this brush is the handle. The middle part of the handle especially feels very flimsy as if it might break at some point if I exert to much pressure but again at $4.50 can I really complain?

For contour I used the e.l.f. cream contour palette and it worked really well. This is definitely the right size brush for contouring but it didn't work well with any of my powder bronzers. The same with highlighters, worked well with cream and liquid highlighters but not powder.

If you are near a PRIMARK and want to try it out, I can't recommend it enough. I'm surprised that e.l.f. hasn't come out with a dupe since they're pretty fast in churning up dupe brushes. I think I might be persuaded into buying a larger oval brush so if you have any recommendations of ones you like do let me know below.

Until next time,

After Decluttering Pt 3: Shopping Pit Falls & 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Saturday, December 3, 2016

I didn't realized I had fallen into the post-decluttering pit falls until I had donated almost 70% of the new stuff I had purchased. Now I'm at a point where I'm very happy with the items in my wardrobe and I'm a lot more mindful of items I add to closet.

There are 3 main Pit Falls that I really want to discuss for anyone who finished decluttering and are in the process of re-building their wardrobe.

1. Shop with a list
I cannot recommend The Curated Closet book enough. It's a fantastic complement to anyone whose gone through the KonMari process. It's a great book, there's a lot of great tools and tips. One of the most practical is obviously deciding the items that you already have and love and making a list of items you wish to add to your closet. In my last post I discussed my Fall Wish List. It's actually turned into my Fall/Winter wish list because with the exception of buying one top for a holiday party I haven't bought anything new besides what I've obtained during my last haul.

What a wish list essentially allows me to do is really think if it's an item that I really need to have. It's almost the same concept as bullet journal where you either check off the task, move the task or eliminate the task. I actually have all of my wish lists now on my bullet journal so it actually helps me keep track of what I want and need.

2. Don't settle for less. 
I'm a big fan of shopping at thrift stores, Primark, and places like T.J.Maxx or Marshalls but there comes a time where I would opt out of buying an item because it's not really what I want. Again, this was something that was brought up in The Curated Closet. When deciding to buy an item let's say a grey sweater think about the fit, fabric, whether it's machine washable or requires dry cleaning, etc. Don't settle and buy an item whether it's "cheap" or not if it's not really what you want just because it's there.

3. Curb the urge, do your research and invest in pieces.
I remember growing up and browsing through my mom's closet and handbag collections and I would sit in awe about the stories behind some of her most beloved investment pieces. Part of buying an item from a luxury brand or investing in a luxury item is the experience. I think that mentality has rubbed off on me and I tend to purchase investment pieces with a great deal of research and at a very distinct and memorable moment of my life #treatyoself.

Most of the investment pieces I have in terms of luxury brands are handbags and coats. I live in the East Coast and a good solid black winter coat is always necessary when I attend fancy shindigs.

As someone whose size is in between regular and plus size it's tricky to find clothing that fits. Height wise I'm also too short for regular pants and too tall for petite.

5 Questions to ask yourself if you are still struggling with decluttering your closet (These are not original ideas, this is a collection of notes I've taken from the KonMari method, The Curated Closet and other folks I've linked below).

1. The KonMari question- Does it Spark Joy?

2. Does it make you feel good? Are you comfortable wearing it?

3. Have you worn it in the last year? Let go of the "well maybe I'll need it..." or "if I go to this <event> I would need something like this".

4. Would you buy it again?

5. Is it in the best condition? Is it high maintenance? Does it need mending or tailoring?

Let me know if you've gone through a decluttering process and have tips or if you are in the middle of the journey and what struggles you've encountered. As always, thanks for reading.

Until next time,

Books mentioned: Marie Kondo Books: The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up & Spark Joy
The Curated Closet 

Youtube Links: 
Allison Marshall 
Jensyn Jeppsen